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In accordance with §18g Abs. 1 S. 2 Nr. 1 AufenthG

Extract from the Commission Recommendation of 29 October 2009 on the use of 

the International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO-08)*.

The list of deficit occupations in Germany is presented in order to fully inform (potential) foreign skilled workers and employers in Germany about the rules of the new Skilled Workers Immigration Act.
Knowing the exact names of the occupations that are currently in deficit is particularly important for the application procedure for the Blue Card and the points system for the Opportunity Card.

Group 132
132. Production managers in goods manufacturing, mining and construction, and logistics
1321 Production managers in goods manufacturing
1322 Production managers in the mining industry
1323 Production managers in the construction industry
1324 Managers in procurement, logistics and related activities

Group 133
133 Managers in information and communication technology services
1330 Managers in information and communications technology services Communications technology services

Group 134
134 Professional services management personnel
1341 Managers in the provision of childcare services
1342 Managers in the provision of health care services
1343 Managers in the provision of care services for the elderly
1344 Managers in the provision of social care services
1345 Managers for the provision of educational services
1346 Sectoral managers in the provision of financial and insurance services
1349 Managers in the provision of specialised services, not elsewhere classified

Group 21
21. Natural sciences, mathematicians and engineers
211 Physicists, chemists, geologists and related specialists
2111 Physicists and astronomers
2112 Meteorologists
2113 Chemists
2114 Geologists and geophysicists

212 Mathematicians, insurance mathematicians (actuaries) and statisticians
2120 Mathematicians, insurance mathematicians (actuaries) and statisticians

213 Biologists
2131 Biologists, botanists, zoologists and related professions
2132 Scientists and extension workers in agriculture, forestry and fisheries 2132 Agricultural, forestry and fisheries scientists and extension workers
2133 Environmental scientists

214 Technological engineers (excluding electrical, electronic and telecommunication engineers)
2141 Industrial and manufacturing engineers
2142 Civil Engineers
2143 Environmental engineers
2144 Mechanical engineers
2145 Chemical engineers
2146 Mining, metallurgical and related engineers
2149 Engineers not elsewhere classified

215 Electrical, electronic and telecommunication engineers
2151 Electrical engineers
2152 Electrical engineers
2153 Telecommunications engineers

216 Architects, spatial, urban and transport planners, surveyors and designers
2161 Architects
2162 Landscape architects
2163 Product and textile designers
2164 Spatial, urban and transport planners
2165 Cartographers and surveyors
2166 Graphic and multimedia designers

Group 221
221. Physicians
2211 General practitioners
2212 Specialist doctors

Group 222
222. Academic and equivalent nurses and midwives 
2221 Academic and equivalent nursing specialists
2222 Academic and equivalent midwives and midwives

Group 225
225 Veterinary doctors
2250 Veterinary doctors

Group 226
226. other academic and allied health professionals
2261 Dentists
2262 Pharmacists
2263 Academic and similar specialists in environmental and occupational medicine
2264 Physiotherapists
2265 Dietitians and nutritionists
2266 Audiologists and speech therapists
2267 Optometrists and orthoptists
2269 Academic and allied health professionals not elsewhere classified

Group 23
23. Teaching staff
231. University and college teachers
2310. University and college teachers
232. Teachers of vocational education and training
2320 Teachers of vocational education and training
233. secondary school teachers
2330 Teachers of secondary schools

234. primary and pre-school teachers
2341 Teachers of primary grades
2342 Teachers and pre-school teachers
235 Other teachers
2351 Pedagogical and didactic specialists
2352 Teachers of special disciplines
2353 Other language teachers
2354 Other music teachers
2355 Other visual arts teachers
2356 Information technology teachers
2359 Teachers not classified in other groups

Group 25
25 Academic and similar professionals in the field of information and communication technologies
251 Software and application developers and analysts
2511 System analysts
2512 Software developers
2513 Web application and multimedia developers
2514 Application programmers
2519 Software and application developers and analysts, not elsewhere classified
252 Academic and equivalent database and network specialists
2521 Database developers and administrators
2522 System administrators
2523 Academic and equivalent computer network specialists
2529 Database and network specialists, academic and equivalent, not elsewhere classified

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